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Almost 100 experts already signed up for ‘Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources’

September 27, 2012 Posted in : Experts, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide

Two weeks ago we launched ‘Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources’ and the response has been amazing. We have almost 100 experts signed up already. (A sample list of 25 organisations already booked is below)

‘Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources’ will feature Ireland’s leading experts and thinkers in over 100 different disciplines. It will be a crucial source of expertise for journalists, reporters, editors, and researchers looking to find the experts and spokespersons for their stories.

The 2013 edition will combine a new must-have print edition with a dynamic website and social media resource that will connect Ireland’s expert sources with the media. To get listed fill out this form. (more…)

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6 ways to become a recognised expert

September 27, 2012 Posted in : Experts, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide, List, Uncategorized

1. Get people to care about you

Since time began, people have cared most about themselves. No matter what, people will make sure they look out for number 1 in all situations. So how do you direct their attention away long enough to get them to care about you? Massage their ego’s. Make them feel important. It doesn’t have to be a case of sucking up to them at every opportunity, but where possible, flatter and compliment. Never underestimate the power of flattery, it is a currency of it’s own. So how do you go about that?

2. Random acts of kindness

Whether it’s a mention of their product on your website, a compliment on a project they’ve worked on or a thank you for information they’ve provided, this can put you on someone’s radar in the best possible way. (more…)

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Add these 3 gems to your experts reading list

September 25, 2012 Posted in : Uncategorized

1. The Marketing Gurus: Lessons from the best marketing books of all time Edited by Chris Murray

This book has taken the most important parts out of the most important marketing books. It has essentially saved you a whole lot of time reading every book in the field, and condensed it into 1 easy to read guide on getting ahead. Everything you need to know from branding, promotion, publicity and advertising in the modern world of marketing can be found here. Noted authors such as Seth Godin, Emanuel Rosen, Sergio Zyman and Geoffrey Moore have all been referenced. Think of it as your marketing bible.


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Newsmakers calendar – What’s on this week Sept 24 – 28 2012

September 24, 2012 Posted in : Calendar, Experts, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide, What's on

Every Monday we will be publishing this calendar of the weekly events to help you to shape the news. If you would like to include an event please email info at galsacs dot com .

Monday, September 24th 2012

Economic indicators

• US Chicago Fed national activity index (Aug) and Dallas Fed manufacturung index (Sept) – Economic

• UK nationawide Housing prices (August) (more…)

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The experts reading list – 3 more books to get ahead

September 21, 2012 Posted in : Experts, Experts Reading List, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide

1. Tribes by Seth Godin

The book on teaching every day people that they can be heroes too. Forget about Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and all the other famous modern day hotshots. Become a hotshot yourself, encourages Seth Godin. Have you heardof Tasmin Little? She is the reason that classical music won’t die out any time soon – the noted violinist has been encouraging children around the world to take up a classical instrument or get involved in any way possible. Susan Sobbott spends her time and her money finding, leading and connecting small-business owners. (more…)

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If you want to get free media coverage as expert……

September 20, 2012 Posted in : Experts, Galzacs, Media Training

……then you need to be passionate about your subject area. The more you love it then the more anorak detail you’ll have stored in your brain.

……then you’ll need to have something interesting to say. All the best experts stand out from the crowd because they have a narrative that is completely unique from their peers. David McWilliams took a different view on bond holders, Eddie Hobbs started talking about ‘Rip Off Ireland’ before anyone else. Finding a different angle on the main news story of the day will make you a sought after contributor.

…….then you should offer to speak at industry conferences and think hard how you can deliver a message that will gain attention. (more…)

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We need your help… We’re looking for economics experts

September 20, 2012 Posted in : Economic Experts, Experts, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide

In the 2013 edition of ‘Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources’ we will have a substantial section featuring financial and economic experts.

If you, or anyone you know, has economics or financial expertise and should be featuring in the newspapers and in radio debates much more, then we’d like to hear from you.

Since the global economic crash in 2008 it has been a tendency of producers and editors to feature many of the same economic commentators. We are hoping to broaden this by featuring new personalities and new voices. (more…)

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Are you clever? We need you

September 17, 2012 Posted in : Experts, Galzacs, Recruitment

Are you clever? Do you know stuff that other people don’t? Maybe you’re a forensic accountant or have a specialty in foreign aid? Maybe you actually know how they put a man on the moon, or got the figs in the fig rolls.

If you’re an expert in your chosen field then we need you.

We are compiling a new publication called Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources. For the first time ever we will be publishing a detailed list of hundreds of experts who would like to contribute in the media in their chosen fields.

Galzac’s Guide will be a beautiful book and fantastic website that will be the bible, on the desk and at the fingertips of every journalist in Ireland. (more…)

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The experts reading list – 3 books to get started

September 14, 2012 Posted in : Experts, Experts Reading List, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide

If you want to become an expert here’s 3 books that will help you on your way.

If you’re an expert already, we want to list you in Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources. Fill in your details here and we’ll give you a call.


1. Grouped by Paul Adams

Wicklow man Paul Adams is a former Google employee who influenced the direction of Google+ and is currently the Global Brand Experience Manager at Facebook. He is also capable of taking you inside the minds of the elite; the successful online business people. Grouped is his take on how businesses should target their online audience. He believes that small groups of friends are the key to influencing the social side of the internet. Get to know how people are connected and how succesful brand messages creep their way through social networks. A must-have for any businesses lost on how to connect and engage with an online audience. (more…)

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How long does it take to become an expert?

September 12, 2012 Posted in : Experts, Galzacs Guide, Gladwell

Ever heard of the 10,000 hour rule? No? Well then you clearly haven’t read ‘Outliers’ by Malcolm Gladwell (pictured) of ‘The Tipping Point’ and ‘Blink’ fame.

The 10,000 hour rule is an idea set out in the aforementioned book saying that to become really successful at something, you need to spend 10,000 hours doing it. In other words, practice makes perfect – or practice makes expert. (more…)

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