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Become An Expert Media Performer.

January 10, 2013 Posted in : Experts, Galzacs, Media Training

Interested in becoming an expert media performer, then we have the perfect course for you.

On January 22nd we are running a specifically designed masterclass that will cover everything you need to know about how to deliver the perfect performance in a live interview situation.

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With this in mind we thought the following tips on ‘When you should do a media interview’ would be helpful’.

1. When you have set up the opportunity

This is what you’d describe as perfect public relations. You’ve conceived the idea, send the press release and you get a call from the journalist. Grab the opportunity with both hands. Go to the studio, wear your best outfit and most importantly deliver you message clearly.

2. When it is a chance to shine as an expert

If you know a topic inside out and you are asked to participate and showcase your talent, then you should avail of the opportunity. This will be a non-contentious interview where you will be showcased as an expert. Exposure like this is priceless.

3. When your reputation is in question.

Some people’s natural instinct is to hide where the going gets tough. Really great communicators face into it and answer the difficult questions. If you can come through an interview like this, it’s likely that your reputation will be enhanced. Remember if you are prepared a live media opportunity in times of crisis can be as much more of a chance to influence the story positively than negatively.

4. When the journalist really needs you

People in the media are human like the rest of us. every now and then you will get a stressed out call from journalist who needs you for a package they are doing. It may not suit you, but do the interview. you’ll build a contact for life and if they really need you, they won’t go too hard on you.

5. When it’s a panel discussion

Getting time to discuss anything on the media is a rare luxury. Most opportunities are short, sharp, to the point and a bit stressful. A panel discussion will give you the opportunity to show your personality, and spend some time on issues rather than racing through them in 5 minutes flat. It also gives you a chance to network with other panelists and get to see how

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