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3 ways universities can set the news agenda

February 12, 2016 Posted in : Experts, Galzacs Guide, Ireland

Galzac’s Guide lists expert sources on everything from abstract art to zoology.

Irish media is always hungry for expert opinion on a variety of topics, and journalists need voices to add colour and reliable analysis to their news stories.

The Galzac’s directory creates media opportunities for a community of experts by connecting their stories with journalists, researchers and radio and television producers.

Here are three ways universities can use their knowledge to set the news agenda.

1. Add your take on current affairs

Journalists try not to depend too heavily on the sames voices when they are quoting expert sources.

There is nothing more frustrating than hearing misinformed opinions being broadcast in the media. That’s why it is worth adding your own voice to the mix.

Galzac’s experts have the opportunity to pitch their stories to journalists. They can add a fresh angle on a current news story as it moves along.

2. Make everything interesting — with the right hook

When you’re pitching a story idea, it is crucial to find a suitable hook — and to match it with the right medium.

Will your story work best as a long-form feature or will it come across more strongly on a radio magazine show?

With the right tweaks, Galzac’s experts can make any item interesting if it is shared in the best format.

3. Match expertise with everyday

Academics engage with research on a daily basis. The mainstream media loves new data and statistics, but only if it is presented in a snappy way

University experts have the knowledge to digest dense studies into palatable stories.

Apply the research to real life events and appeal to the audience’s emotions.

We started Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources because we believe that expert voices should be heard by the widest possible audience. We want to build a community of doers, thinkers and curious minds who want to share their ideas with the world.

If you are interested in signing up, call us on 01 254 1845 or email is Ireland’s largest and most dynamic media intelligence company. Since we started in 2009, we have helped Ireland’s best known brands connect over 100,000 stories with the media.

Conor - @conormcmahon

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Galzac’s Guide Featured Expert: John Ring

February 9, 2016 Posted in : Career Development, Entrepreneurs, Experts, Galzacs, Technology, University Graduates

Galzac’s Guide is the ultimate tool when looking for an expert.

Speaking of experts, we’re giving a hat tip to expert John Ring, one of the many greats that is included in our guide.

John is the managing director of and is seasoned digital marketing strategist.

He is past student of both Trinity College Dublin and the Dublin Institute of Technology. With an impressive resume, John has worked with Enterprise Ireland as a Marketing Executive and ProShare as an internet manager in the past.

In his capacity, he has worked with major international companies such as Ebay, Intel, Burberry, the AA and Innocent Smoothies – to name a few.

Over the past 15 years, John has personally trained 6000 business and marketing professionals on all aspects of digital marketing.

John has extensive experience in his field. He was previously a digital marketing consultant and then because of growing success he opened a digital marketing agency called RingJohn. This agency has recently been rebranded to TinderPoint to reflect their evolution as a business and the growing services which they now offer.

John’s specialties include search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), social media, digital strategy, content marketing and analytics.

For more information, or to get in touch with John or any of our other experts, visit Galzac’s





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Pitching tips from Galzac’s Guide experts

February 8, 2016 Posted in : CBRE, DIT, Experts, Experts in the Media, UCC

We started ‘Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources’ because we believe passionately that expert voices should be heard by the widest possible audience. We want to build a community of doers, thinkers and curious minds who want to share their ideas with the world.

We asked some of our most active experts to share their advice on pitching story ideas and opinions to the media.

Lorcan Sirr: DIT

“Make it easy for journalists. They’re not likely to be knowledgable about your area and will most likely be under pressure for time, so walk them through it: the issue, why it’s a problem (if it is), and your take on it, including solutions.”

“Tailor the release to suit the local audience. If there is something specifically related to their location or sector, localise the release and make sure the key information is in the opening paragraphs, not buried at the end. Don’t expext the media source will read the accompanying documents. Make their life easier by containing the salient points in the opening paragraphs of your release and always make sure your contact details are prominent if they need to follow up with you.”Marie Hunt CBRE

John Sodeau UCC

“Before you even know exactly what message you want to put across make sure you have an Irish angle. Yes you will be used by the media for their purposes but keep control of what you want to say. And say it! And be lucky.”

These experts know how to amplify their voice and shape stories.

Galzac’s guide is a must have service with a printed book, a dynamic website and social media resource that will connect Ireland’s expert sources with the media. We aim to be the bible of experts on every journalist’s desk, laptop and smart phone.

If you would like more information on the Galzac’s Guide service click here. Or call Gaye on 01 254 1845.

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Story ideas for Monday 14th December 2015

December 14, 2015 Posted in : Building, Construction, Europe, Experts, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide, Galzacs15, Homeowners, Housing, Irish Green Building Council

Story Idea: G12 days of Christmas tips for a better home renovation in 2016

Expert: Pat Barry (Expert in Sustainable Building) Executive Director, Irish Green Building Council.

The Hook: It looks like there will be an ambitious COP21 agreement in Paris. This means we need a massive deep energy renovation of all our homes over the next 20 years to meet the target. But how do we do it right so we get warm comfortable and healthy homes. (more…)

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Story idea for Wednesday 2nd December

November 30, 2015 Posted in : Experts, Housing, Irish Green Building Council

Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Story Idea: Homeowners will be check the competency of building workers with online register

Expert: Pat Barry (Expert in Sustainable Building) Executive Director, Irish Green Building Council.

The Hook: Homeowners will be able to check an online register before employing building trades to see if they have done the necessary energy efficiency and building regulations awareness to deliver good quality work in their home. (more…)

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Story Ideas for every day of the week: 30th November-4th December

November 30, 2015 Posted in : Agriculture, Air Pollution, Alltech, Childcare, Children, Early Childhood Care, Experts, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide, Galzacs15, Health, Housing, Humanitarian Aid, Irish Green Building Council, MSF, Start Strong

Monday 30th November 2015

Story Idea: Tourism Ireland launches 2016 marketing plans

Expert: Sinead Grace (Expert in Tourism and Communications) Media and Public Relations Manager,Tourism Ireland.

The Hook: Tourism Ireland will launch details of its marketing plans to promote Ireland overseas in 2016 and beyond, at an event attended by Tourism Minister Paschal Donohoe and tourism industry leaders from around the country. (more…)

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Story ideas for Tuesday 6th October 2015

October 5, 2015 Posted in : Charity, Experts, Galzacs Guide, The Wheel

Story Idea: Coalition of charities warn that crucial social services and supports are at breaking-point 
Expert: Ivan Cooper (Expert in Charities and Charitable Organisations – Business Issues) Head of Advocacy, The Wheel.                         
The Hook: Six national networks, encompassing over 1,700 Irish charities, will call on Government to prioritise the restoration of funding for social services and supports above tax cuts and capital spending in Budget 2016.


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Story ideas for Monday 5th October 2015

October 5, 2015 Posted in : Camara, Children, Education, Experts

Story Idea: Giving teachers the tools to build a brighter future
Expert: John Fitzsimons (Expert in Education and Information Technology) CEO, Camara Education.                        
The Hook: Camara Education’s iKnowledge project is an innovative partnership that will see the organisation provide an online interactive learning platform for teachers in 250 schools across Tanzania. Camara are providing the necessary ICT training, support and encouragement, so teachers can bring a new digital classroom experience to their students.


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Story ideas for Wednesday 30th September 2015

September 28, 2015 Posted in : Experts, Galzacs Guide, TinderPoint

Story Idea: Increasing awareness of Alzheimer’s & Dementia through content
Expert: John Ring
 (Expert in Digital Media and Communications) Managing Director, TinderPoint.                          
The Hook: 
TinderPoint have recently designed some content – visual and animated infographics – that has been created to help spread awareness of alzheimer’s and dementia.


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Story ideas for Tuesday 29th September 2015

September 28, 2015 Posted in : Childcare, Children, Experts, Start Strong

Story Idea: Childcare needs long term solutions, not Government quick-fixes
Expert: Ciairin de Buis 
(Expert in Childcare and Family Supports) Director, Start Strong.                         
The Hook: After years of cutbacks, it’s time to provide long term solutions to the crises in our early childhood care and education system – that of quality, affordability, and investment. Budget 2015 provides the Government with an opportunity to do more than just win votes. By avoiding quick fixes like tax credits and planning for the future through a programme of structured investment that links public funding of childcare services to quality standards, we can finally offer our young children the best possible start.


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