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Story ideas for Wednesday 11th November 2015

November 9, 2015 Posted in : Business, Cork Film fesival, European Parliament, Festivals

Wednesday 11th November 2015

Story Idea: Cork Film Festival screens three LUX-nominated films
Expert: Catherine Bunyan 
(Expert in European Affairs & Business) Press Officer, European Parliament, Dublin.         
The Hook: 
The European Parliament LUX Prize casts an annual spotlight on films that go to the heart of European public debate and cinema is an ideal vehicle for debate and reflection on Europe and its future. The European Parliament and the Cork Film Festival believe that cinema can be used as a medium to discuss and debate topical issues. (more…)

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Story Ideas for every day of the week: 9th-13th November

November 9, 2015 Posted in : Agriculture, Alltech, Conference, Depression, Diabetes, Entrepreneurship, Festivals, Science

Monday 9th November 2015

Story Idea: Registration for the 2016 edition, ONE: The Alltech Ideas Conference is now available at
Expert: Dr. Aoife Lyons 
(Child Psychology & ) Director of Global Educational Initiatives, Alltech.                        
The Hook: 
A forum for world-changing ideas, global networking and inspiration, 97 percent of event attendees said they would attend again. The conference offers a topical blend of science, agriculture, entrepreneurship, business and marketing, along with a craft beer festival and a collection of chefs preparing international food delights to sample. (more…)

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Story ideas for every day of the week: 24th – 28th August 2015

August 24, 2015 Posted in : Alltech, Camara, Dublin, ETC Consulting, Failte Ireland, Festivals, Food, Food Science, Healthy Living, Heart, Ireland, Irish Guide Dogs, Irish Heart Foundation, Irish Water, Media, Tourism, Tourism Ireland, UCC, Women's Equality

Monday 24th August 2015

Story Idea: Adding the fizzy cola “tang” to Irish water: good or bad for our health?
Expert: John Sodeau (Expert in Scientific Research and Pollution) Professor of Physical Chemistry/ Director of Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry, UCC.

The Hook: Phosphoric acid (a rust remover) has been added to fizzy cola drinks for many years. Now Irish Water is proposing to add it to the water supply in Limerick starting September. The reason is to delay the lead from pipes dissolving into the water by making phosphates. Preventing lead release is particularly important for our health, particularly the young. On the other hand phosphates from fertilizer run-offs into Lough Leane in Killarney led to a public warning last week to not drink, fish or paddle in it because phosphates promote toxic algal growth in water. So, are Irish Water certain that what they are doing is in the best interests for public health? (more…)

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