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Story ideas for Tuesday 17th November 2015

November 16, 2015 Posted in : Genealogy, Podcast Series, Radio

Tuesday 17th November 2015

Story Idea: The Genealogy Radio Show – Revolutionary Roots
Expert: Lorna Moloney 
(Expert in Genealogy) Resident Genealogist for Dromland Castle, Co.Clare
The Hook: 
Revolutionary Roots will be the fourth season of The Genealogy Radio show at Raidio Corcabaiscinn in Kilkee. (more…)

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Story Ideas for every day of the week: 16th-20th November

November 16, 2015 Posted in : Alltech, Brewing, Children, Depression, Diabetes, Distillery, Dublin, ECT, Entrepreneurship, Europe, Genealogy, Housing, SME, Sport, Students, Web Fest, Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Monday 16th November 2015

Story Idea: Entries for Dublin Craft Beer Cup and Dublin Craft Cider Cup now open!
Expert: Kevin Tuck 
(Expert in Agriculture & Sustainability) Managing Director, Alltech.

The Hook: The Dublin Craft Beer Cup is a unique competition that allows craft brewers to showcase their beers and have them rated, tasted and analysed by an international panel of beer experts. Due to popular demand, the competition has expanded in order for craft cider makers to have their own dedicated cider cup. (more…)

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Story Idea For Thursday 16th July 2015

July 13, 2015 Posted in : CSO, Eurostat, Genealogy, History, Parish Records

Story Idea: Questions and Answers – Transcribing History – 400,000 records – Parish Records Online

Expert: Lorna Moloney (Expert in Genealogy and Research) Genealogist, Merriman Rsearch.

The Hook: Merriman Research will be surveying those using the registers to see how they find the realities of dealing with spidery writing, torn pages, ink blots and finding ancestral connections.


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Story Ideas For Every Day Of The Week 13th – 17th July 2015

July 13, 2015 Posted in : Alltech, Animal Nutrition, Asthma, Asthma Society of Ireland, Budget15, CSO, Entrepreneurship, Europe, European Parliament, Genealogy, Hay Fever, IPU, Irish Pharmacy Union, Pharmacy

Monday 13th July 2015

Story Idea: Pharmacists warn that hay fever is a significant trigger for asthma
Expert: Kathy Maher (Expert in Pharmacies and Medicine) President, Irish Pharmacy Union.      

The Hook: Pharmacists are warning asthma sufferers that hay fever is a significant trigger for asthma and to be aware of the particular allergens that affect them and, where possible, try to avoid them. Pharmacists are also advising asthma sufferers to ensure they carry their inhaler at all times and use it as prescribed. Please contact Kathy Maher for further information. (more…)

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