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Experts – Stories you could own this week

February 11, 2016 Posted in : 1916, Debating, Ireland, Journalists, Politics

It’s a busy time for Irish media with politics, the economy and crime dominating the news cycle. Irish journalists are expected to cover a wide variety of topics, and fast, so of course they need the help of some knowledgable experts.

Experts should busy bodies this week with all the #GE16 and American election talk flooding the media. If you’re an expert in politics, political science or government then you could own these stories and get your expert voice heard.

With crime and it’s resources a heavy focus in the 2016 election campaign, law and criminology experts should be on hand to provide opinions. This is a major factor in the general election and could be major opportunity for experts to get out there.

In addition to the election bubble, technical experts can use upcoming World Radio Day on the 13th February to discuss topics like the changing scope of radio and media. Interesting topics around this include the questions is radio a dying element of traditional media.

World Day of Social Justice is upcoming on the 20th February. This is an excellent opportunity for experts in both Law, Human Rights and even history to get their voices heard.

Of course 1916 is a huge topic this week and for the next month. History buffs are going to be hugely popular with the media.

A former director of treasury at Anglo Irish Bank has told the trial of four former bankers that he thought he was carrying out instructions as part of the “green jersey agenda” in 2008. Experts in finance and bankingwould be a great contribution to any journalists article or piece around this, as it is sure to cause a stir.

We have a great variety of experts here at our Galzac’s Guide service. Journalists will find top industry experts at the click of a button or in our 2016 print edition – coming in March.

We started ‘Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources’ because we believe passionately that expert voices should be heard by the widest possible audience. We want to build a community of doers, thinkers and curious minds who want to share their ideas with the world.

Since we began the service four years ago, we’ve seen experts from UCC, Failte Ireland, The European Parliament, The National Women’s Council and Misean Cara become members and get their voices heard.

If you are interested in signing up, give us a call on 01 254 1845 or email

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Experts in the Media: 14th-19th September

September 21, 2015 Posted in : Business, Charity, Economic Experts, Economics, Experts in the Media, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide, Galzacs15, Humanitarian Aid, Ireland, Irish Pharmacy Union, Jim Power Ltd, Journalists, Media, Media Performances, MSF, Our experts in the media, Pharmacy, Stories

Our experts made the news across a wide variety of genres last week, offering their knowledge and insights across the nation’s media outlets. The Irish Independent and Irish Examiner are just a few of the media outlets that have featured our experts in recent days.

Galzac experts provided commentary on a wide range of topics including the Syrian refugee crisis to Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development survey.

Our goal is to highlight the media coverage our experts have received every week. Here are just a few examples of our experts in the media last week:

1. Kathy Maher-Irish Pharmacy Union  Pharmacists want a nationwide DUMP (Disposal of Unused Medicines Safely) scheme

Coverage:Irish Independent (Newspaper) (more…)

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Story of the day: Wold Humanitarian Day: Migration in the Mediterranean

August 19, 2015 Posted in : EU affairs, Europe, Experts, Galzacs Guide, Galzacs15, Government, International affairs, Ireland, Journalists, Migration, MSF

Today is World Humanitarian Day and we have an expert available to comment throughout the day.

Story Idea: Recent tragic mass-drownings at sea and disgraceful behaviour by authorities on European soil have put the spotlight on the Mediterranean; where record numbers of people are fleeing brutal wars and insecurity in the Middle East and Africa by attempting the dangerous crossing in un-seaworthy boats. Three Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) search & rescue vessels have saved over 10,600 lives at sea (about 15% of all those saved) but tragically there have been too many drownings and deaths at sea. Our medical teams are also working with refugees and migrants in the port of Pozallo, Sicily and in Kos, Greece; where in-adequate reception facilities exist. The scale of this humanitarian crisis requires Europe to do more for people who risk their lives at sea, and when they reach land in Europe.


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Galzac’s Guide 3rd Birthday Offer

July 15, 2015 Posted in : Business, Experts, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide, Galzacs15, Ireland, Journalist, Journalists, Stories

Galzac’s Guide is three years old this month and as part of our #g3b birthday celebrations, we are doing a 2 for 1 offer for all you experts out there!

Over the last number of years, we have built the guide up to become Ireland’s largest collection of media savvy experts who are knowledgable and are credible sources.

Our guide can provide you with reliable experts who are willing to contribute to the media.


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Introducing Galzacs – The 2015 Edition

April 15, 2015 Posted in : Experts, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide, Galzacs15, Journalists

Over three years ago the media resource that is Galzacs Guide was born. A print and online resource of media specialists who are wiling to contribute to print, online and television debates about their chosen area of knowledge. An essential for any journalist or radio producer.


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