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Government must introduce water efficiency grant in tandem with charges – Kingspan

April 28, 2014 Posted in : Experts, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide, Kingspan, Water Charges

  • “Charging and free water allowance will not solve our water supply crisis.”

“Tomorrow the Government will decide the level of water charges to be applied to Irish homes in 2015. Up to now all the debate has centred on the level of charges and the ‘free water allowance’ for hard-press consumers. In tandem with these new charges it’s imperative the Government introduces a grant scheme to incentivise the use of water efficiency measures in their homes,” said Charles Burns Kingspan’s Director of Water.

“In the last four years we’ve had four major water supply shocks in Ireland. John Tierney of Irish Water admitted recently that 1 million Irish people live at constant supply risk. We are facing a very real water supply crisis and politicians need to take action to encourage people to use the free rainwater that falls on their roofs,” he said.

“A grant scheme to incentivise water saving technologies has the twin benefits of reducing water bills and also reducing the pressure on the mains water system. A similar programme was introduced successfully for insulation and solar energy to improve the energy efficiency of our building stock.” he added.

“Free rainwater can meet up to 50% of the needs of a domestic house and can be used in washing machines and toilets and has the potential to dramatically reduce water bills,” he concluded.

In 2014 Charles Burns was appointed as Kingspan’s first ever Director of Water.

For the past 15 years he has specialised in water saving technologies and has an expert knowledge of rainwater harvesting, off-mains wastewater and storm water recycling for domestic and commercial developments.

He has a particular interest in how new technologies can future proof Ireland’s over reliance on mains water, and tackle our ongoing and worsening crisis with water supply.

Kingspan Group plc is a leading manufacturer of sustainable building materials.

It is one of the world’s leading authorities on water saving technologies and manufacturers products for rainwater harvesting, off-mains wastewater and storm-water for both domestic and commercial markets.


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