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Story ideas for Thursday 6th August 2015

August 4, 2015 Posted in : Debt, Galzacs15, Ireland, MABS, Money Advice

Story Idea: MABS in court for home repossessions
Expert: Michael Culloty (Expert in Money and Debt Advice) National Social Policy and Communications Officer, MABS.                   
The Hook: Turning up in court on your own for a hearing to repossess your home can be a daunting and frightening experience particularly if you have no representation and no advice on what to expect or do. On the day of the hearing people are often subject to pressures from individuals and groups, with their own agendas, and without the necessary experience or expertise, giving advice as to the legal position they should adopt in court. This situation is highly unsatisfactory. However this need no longer be the case. Since the start of July, MABS has been available in some courts, along with the Insolvency Service, on the days when home repossession hearing take place to give independent advice and support to those attending.


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