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Story idea for Wednesday 9th December 2015

December 7, 2015 Posted in : DIT, Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship, SME

Wednesday 9th December 2015

Story Idea: DIT Entrepreneurship Academic Receives European Honour

Expert: Prof. Thomas Cooney (Expert in Entrepreneurship) Professor in Entrepreneurship, DIT.

The Hook: An Entrepreneurship academic from Dublin Institute of Technology has recently been honoured as a Fellow of the European Council for Small Business. Professor Thomas Cooney is the first Irish person to receive this honour and just the 12th Fellow to be inducted in the history of the organisation. (more…)

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Story ideas for Thursday 19th November 2015

November 16, 2015 Posted in : Business, EU affairs, Europe, SME, Start-Ups

Thursday 19th November 2015

Story Idea: EU SME Assembly Promotes Local Success
Expert: Prof. Thomas Cooney 
(Expert in Small Businesses and Start-ups) Professor of Entrepreneurship, DIT.

The Hook: The EU SME Assembly is the most significant event for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe. The conference takes place once a year during the European SME Week. (more…)

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Story Ideas for every day of the week: 16th-20th November

November 16, 2015 Posted in : Alltech, Brewing, Children, Depression, Diabetes, Distillery, Dublin, ECT, Entrepreneurship, Europe, Genealogy, Housing, SME, Sport, Students, Web Fest, Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Monday 16th November 2015

Story Idea: Entries for Dublin Craft Beer Cup and Dublin Craft Cider Cup now open!
Expert: Kevin Tuck 
(Expert in Agriculture & Sustainability) Managing Director, Alltech.

The Hook: The Dublin Craft Beer Cup is a unique competition that allows craft brewers to showcase their beers and have them rated, tasted and analysed by an international panel of beer experts. Due to popular demand, the competition has expanded in order for craft cider makers to have their own dedicated cider cup. (more…)

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