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Story Ideas for Monday 18th May 2015

May 18, 2015 Posted in : Experts, Food for Health Ireland, Health, Sports Science

Story Idea: Speeding up recovery after exercise – new research from Food for Health Ireland
Expert: Jens Bleiel (Expert in Dairy Research and Food Industry) Chief Executive Officer, Food for Health Ireland.
The Hook: At the forefront of improving health, wellness and quality of life through world-class food innovation, Food for Health Ireland (FHI) announces the start of a new study to explore if a unique dairy-based protein ingredient will lead to a faster recovery after exercise. Eating a combination of carbohydrate and protein sources soon after exercise is seen as the optimal recovery meal because this provides both glucose (sugar) and amino acids to support recovery and repair. However, the type of protein can also affect the insulin response to the meal, and understanding how insulin works and how it can be manipulated during recovery can pay enormous dividends for athletes.


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