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Story Ideas for Thursday 15th October 2015

October 12, 2015 Posted in : Communications, Education, Women's Equality, Workforce

Thursday 15th October 2015

Story Idea: The need to hold on to women in the workforce is being understood now at the very top, probably for the first time in our history.
Expert: Orlaith Carmody (Expert in Communications) Managing Director,
The Hook: The Women’s Forum Global meeting is being held in Deauville, France from 14 -16 October, to discuss gender equality. For many Irish women, the opportunity now is that retention of the female workforce is becoming a priority for the first time ever. Big corporations and financial institutions are waking up to the reality that a gender diverse workforce is more productive, which effects the bottom line. And they are concerned that the numbers at senior management and board level will increasingly have to reflect a strong gender diverse policy. They are putting resources around women at middle levels to hold on to them, and to stop them ‘off-ramping’ before they reach the upper levels. (more…)

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Story ideas for every day of the week: 12th October – 16th October 2015

October 12, 2015 Posted in : Budget16, Building, Childcare, Children, ETC Consulting, Europe, European Court of Justice, Facebook, Farming, Internet Law, Start Strong, UCC, Unemployment, Women's Equality

Monday 12th October 2015

Story Idea: The Great Escape – from Unemployment
Expert: Pat Shortt (Expert in Education Reform) Managing Director, ETC Consulting.                        
The Hook: 
People who want to escape from unemployment have access to tools online. They are an interest inventory with 3 core aptitude exercises that give them 16 careers that they will enjoy, be well able to do and will provide them with a fine standard of living.

Notable Events for Monday 12th

* OECD – Statistics : Harmonised Unemployment Rates

* CSO – Government Finance Statistics Quarterly Results Quarter 2 2015

* 13th European Week of Regions and Cities (OPEN DAYS). Brussels, Belgium (more…)

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Experts in the Media 21-25th September

September 28, 2015 Posted in : Building, Business, Construction, Dublin, Dublin Town, Economics, Experts in the Media, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide, Government, Housing, Irish Green Building Council, Media, National Women's Council of ireland, NWCI, Women's Equality

Our experts made the news across a wide variety of genres last week, offering their knowledge and insights across the nation’s media outlets. The Herald and Irish Examiner are just a few of the media outlets that have featured our experts in recent days.

Galzac experts provided commentary on a wide range of topics including the eight amendment to bank incentives to build homes. (more…)

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Story Idea for Wednesday 26th of August 2015

August 24, 2015 Posted in : Camara, Education, Migration, Technology, Third World, Tourism, Tourism Ireland, Women's Equality

Wednesday 26th August 2015

Story Idea: ICT empowering girls in education
Expert: John Fitzsimons (Expert in Education and Charitable Organisations) CEO, Camara Education.           
The Hook: Every girl has a right to an education. If you educate a girl, you help create leaders and role models for those in her community to aspire to. Camara Education’s iMlango project will improve education outcomes to 52,000 marginalised girls in 195 schools across Kenya with the introduction of technology in the classroom.
John Fitzsimons is also available to comment on Women’s Equality Day, which is on Wednesday 26th August. (more…)

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Story ideas for every day of the week: 24th – 28th August 2015

August 24, 2015 Posted in : Alltech, Camara, Dublin, ETC Consulting, Failte Ireland, Festivals, Food, Food Science, Healthy Living, Heart, Ireland, Irish Guide Dogs, Irish Heart Foundation, Irish Water, Media, Tourism, Tourism Ireland, UCC, Women's Equality

Monday 24th August 2015

Story Idea: Adding the fizzy cola “tang” to Irish water: good or bad for our health?
Expert: John Sodeau (Expert in Scientific Research and Pollution) Professor of Physical Chemistry/ Director of Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry, UCC.

The Hook: Phosphoric acid (a rust remover) has been added to fizzy cola drinks for many years. Now Irish Water is proposing to add it to the water supply in Limerick starting September. The reason is to delay the lead from pipes dissolving into the water by making phosphates. Preventing lead release is particularly important for our health, particularly the young. On the other hand phosphates from fertilizer run-offs into Lough Leane in Killarney led to a public warning last week to not drink, fish or paddle in it because phosphates promote toxic algal growth in water. So, are Irish Water certain that what they are doing is in the best interests for public health? (more…)

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