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Pitching tips from Galzac’s Guide experts

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February 8, 2016 Posted in : CBRE, DIT, Experts, Experts in the Media, UCC

We started ‘Galzac’s Guide to Expert Sources’ because we believe passionately that expert voices should be heard by the widest possible audience. We want to build a community of doers, thinkers and curious minds who want to share their ideas with the world.

We asked some of our most active experts to share their advice on pitching story ideas and opinions to the media.

Lorcan Sirr: DIT

“Make it easy for journalists. They’re not likely to be knowledgable about your area and will most likely be under pressure for time, so walk them through it: the issue, why it’s a problem (if it is), and your take on it, including solutions.”

“Tailor the release to suit the local audience. If there is something specifically related to their location or sector, localise the release and make sure the key information is in the opening paragraphs, not buried at the end. Don’t expext the media source will read the accompanying documents. Make their life easier by containing the salient points in the opening paragraphs of your release and always make sure your contact details are prominent if they need to follow up with you.”Marie Hunt CBRE

John Sodeau UCC

“Before you even know exactly what message you want to put across make sure you have an Irish angle. Yes you will be used by the media for their purposes but keep control of what you want to say. And say it! And be lucky.”

These experts know how to amplify their voice and shape stories.

Galzac’s guide is a must have service with a printed book, a dynamic website and social media resource that will connect Ireland’s expert sources with the media. We aim to be the bible of experts on every journalist’s desk, laptop and smart phone.

If you would like more information on the Galzac’s Guide service click here. Or call Gaye on 01 254 1845.

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