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Story Idea for Monday 22nd June 2015

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June 22, 2015 Posted in : EU affairs, Europe, Galzacs, Galzacs Guide, Galzacs15, Ireland

Story Idea: Ireland most expensive EU country for alcohol – Eurostat

Expert: Ruth Deasy (Expert in European Affairs and Politics) Head of Press and Media, European Commission Representation in Ireland.
The Hook: Ireland is the most expensive country in the EU to buy alcohol, according to Eurostat figures released recently. Alcohol in Ireland costs 70% more than the EU average price, followed by the UK (65% more than EU average) and Finland (36% more than EU average).

The lowest prices in the EU for alcohol and tobacco are in Bulgaria (58% of the EU average price) and Hungary (65%). Overall Ireland has the 5th highest prices in the EU for consumer goods and services, behind Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the UK. The lowest consumer prices in the EU are in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland and Hungary. Contact Ruth Deasy for further information.

Notable Events for Monday 22nd

* Eurostat: Preliminary Flash Consumer Confidence Indicator
* Anniversary: Virgin Atlantic Airways Launches It’s First Flight From Heathrow in 1984
* CSO: Wholesale Price Index May 2015

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