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Story ideas for Wednesday 16th December 2015

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December 14, 2015 Posted in : 1916, Anniversary, Arts Council, President

Wednesday 16th December 2015

Story Idea: President Higgins set to receive recipients for the 1916 bursaries

Expert: John O’Connor (Expert in Arts & Culture) Director and Dean, College of Arts & Tourism

The Hook: The president will be receiving recipients for the 1916 bursaries on Wednesday the 16th December 2015. The programme, which has been supported by the Arts Council, is aimed at:

“Celebrating the Centenary of the Easter Rising 1916 in art and ideas, the state again has turned to its artists. In the century since the rising artists have been the great signifiers of our island. Their work, created in hope has been the enduring imagination of what Ireland can become. Irish artists once, created a body of work, inseparable from the rising. Now this call is to create work that will be forever inseparable from its centenary.”

Notable Events for Wednesday 16th December

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