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Story ideas for Wednesday 9th September 2015

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September 7, 2015 Posted in : Government, Milk, Research, UCC

Story Idea: Drop in milk prices might help save the planet
Expert: John Sodeau 
(Expert in Scientific Research) Professor of Physical Chemistry/ Director of Centre for Atmospheric Chemistry, UCC.                      
The Hook: 
The significant drop in milk prices is partly due to the increase in its global supply now that quotas have gone. At least this will help discourage Irish Farmers from increasing the size of their dairy herds.

Doing so has been encouraged by the Government for national economic reasons despite knowing of the global warming problems caused by increasing greenhouse gas levels that result from bigger dairy and beef herds.

Notable Events for Wednesday 9th

* CSO – Production in Building and Construction Index Quarter 2 2015 (Provisional) Quarter 1 2015 (Final)

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